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N.I.C.E is an acronym for the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers. NICE is a division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, the umbrella body for all engineers in Nigeria. In an effort to promote understanding among members, the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) encouraged the formation of Divisions along disciplinary lines. The Civil Engineering Division was approved in 1984 by the NSE Council. The mantle on nurturing and coordinating the activities of the Division fell on the Rev. Canon Engr. M. O. Akintobi FNSE, who worked very hard to scale through the initial hurdle of generating the interest of members in the Division. In December 2001, the Civil Division was institutionalized by the common will of all Civil Engineers in Port Harcourt. Engr. Segun Adedeji then became the Pioneer Chairman. The head of the Division was upgraded to President at an Annual AGM of the Institution in September 2003, with Engr. Chief Adefemi Kila as the first President. The Division has since 1984 been steered by Past Chairmen who have contributed their best to ensuring appreciable growth. It is through their collective efforts that the Division has grown to its present status as a foremost Division/Institution of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. Membership »To become a member of the Division, you are encouraged to visit the membership section of this website for more information.

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